Project Description

Tancredi Parmeggiani (Feltre 1927 – Rome 1964), Abstract composition

Mixed media on paper 32 x 43 cm.

Provenance: Milton Gendel (New York 1918 – Rome 2018), American photographer and art critic, friend of Tancredi with whom he shared an apartment in Rome in the 1950s.

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Tancredi in Rome, 1950, Milton Gendel's photo

Tancredi in Rome, 1950, Milton Gendel’s photo

“Unlike other american and a bit naive scholarship holders, tells Scelba, whom when they just arrived in Rome used to stay in the Excelsior hotel to notice soon that their bursary would run out very quickly, instead Gendel immediately looked for an apartment: he lived for a short time in a house near the forums, then he moved to Monserrato street, in a house given by the painter Fabio Rieti, musician Vittorio Rieti’s son. Fabio Rieti, as well as the house, leave to him the presence of Tancredi, a penniless young abstractionist from Veneto which occasionally used to sleep in the house in Monserrato street. And it’s just like this that the friendship between Gendel and Tancredi, which lasted until the painter’s tragic death in 1964, was born.” From Milton Gendel a Surreal life, edited by Peter Benson Miller, Barbara Drudi, Alberta Campitelli, catalogue of the exhibition at the Carlo Bilotti Museum, Rome 2011.