Project Description

Robert Glen ( Nairobi 1940 ), The lioness

Bronze cm 46 x 23 x 21, signed and dated 1982 on the base

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The bronze sculptures by Robert Glen conceal a particular aspect of wonderful beauty. A careful observation of the natural element, a representation as elegant as meticulous of the noble movement of a lioness, moved with skill in the plastic language of bronze, embodies the stylistic feature of one of the greatest animaliers of Twentieth century.

Glen bases his sculptural production on a syntheticism close to Art Nouveau, finding, following the example of French animaliers of the late Nineteenth century, his favorite subjects in the animal world – especially celebrated his elephants and his antelopes-, caught almost always in moments of tranquility, of affectionate family intimacy or care and protection of puppies.

Born in Nairobi, Kenya in 1940, from an early age, Glen suffered the art and natural history charm. As also happened for the others animaliers of the early Twentieth century, as Bugatti and Tofanari, also for the artistic formation of Glen, decisive was the attendance and the study conducted inside a Museum of Natural History: one in Nairobi, in fact, has become, over the years, his second home, thanks to the partnership established with the curator of ornithology, John Williams, counselor and inspirer of many of his artworks dedicated to the animal kingdom.



The artistic production by Glen achieved a huge success all over the world, thanks to several solo-exhibition that celebrated his uniqueness within the artistic international contemporary scene.

Represented in several private collections, among them those belonged to Queen Elizabeth II, the Aga Khan and to the first president of independent Kenya, Jomo Kenyatta, Glen received several public tasks, among them stands out one of the biggest sculptural groups in the world, that which entitled “Mustangs a Las Colinas”, situated in Irving, in Texas.