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Piero Persicalli (Zara 1886 – ?), Impression of Korčula

Oil painting on panel of 25 x 35 cm signed lower left, on the back there is an ancient label written by the artist with the title of the painting.

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Piero Persicalli began his studies at the Munich Academy, a disciple of Kim and Habermann, then went to Rome and finally to Vienna where he participated in the artistic life and made his debut in the circle of artists. In those same years he exhibited at the Independent Salon in Paris. After the First World War he was present at the First Roman Biennale (1921) and at the Florentine Spring exhibition of 1922 where Cardi by the sea and Contadina from the surroundings of Zara were exposed. In the first edition of the dictionary painters Comanducci (1934) he is defined as a “lively colourist with a freely pointillist technique”.