Project Description

Paolo Troubetzkoy (1866 – Pallanza 1938), The Indian horseman on the lookout (1893)

Bronze sculpture 57 x 55 x 16 cm, signed and dated 1893 on the base.

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The sculpture depicts a red Indian on horseback, an attraction of the American circus called “Great Show of the West” directed by William Frederick Cody (better known as Buffalo Bill), passing through Milan during the 1891 tour. It is a replica of the bronze presented at the Annual Exhibition Permanente Milanese in 1893 and, in the same year, with the simplified title In Vedetta, at the Esposizione Nazionale di Belle Arti of Rome, together with a variant entitled In Corsa.

The different versions of this subject testify to the favor these small sculptures met with the public: in addition to the plaster dating back to 1891, preserved in the Museo del Paesaggio of Verbania-Pallanza, among the bronze castings, we remember the one dated 1893 preserved in the Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna in Rome.

Provenance: Piacenza private collection.