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Nicola Sanesi (Florence 1818 – 1889), The diamond necklace

Oil on canvas 75 x 61 cm signed and dated 1874 lower right, in a 19th century Florentine frame with floral motifs carved into the wood. On the back there is an old label from the Galleria del Tritone in Rome.

Bibliography: Illustrazione popolare, Florence 2 January 1881, p. 120.

The painting, known thanks to a reproduction bearing the title of the work in German, reproduces a neo-eighteenth-century scene where a Moor carries on a silver tray the gift admired by some courtiers in a hall decorated with stucco and tapestries.

We thank Prof Riccardo Carapelli for the documentary material sent to us and for the fundamental help in deciphering the subject.

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Nicola Sanesi