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Mimmo Rotella (Catanzaro 1918 – Milan 2006), The Marylin’s languor or Love me

Rpped decollage cm 97 x 67 signed lower at the centre and dated (2004) on the back, with authentic released by Fondazione Mimmo Rotella

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In the Sixties of the economic boom and color cinema, mass advertising and star life, Mimmo Rotella is part of the artistic scene with his famous works called “décollages”, the result of rips of posters of movies and shows.
As in a collage intersecting different pieces of paper to form new compositions, even in décollages the same procedure takes place, but with a substantial difference: the shape is not always harmonic, always well studied and complementary. As a matter of fact, several posters and contexts of the period overlap as in a short-circuit, but with the aim of building an unprecedented color imagery, fragmented testimonies of an era that has made history.
In particular, Rotella had a particular passion for Marilyn Monroe, the American star also idolized by the pioneer of international Pop Art, Andy Warhol. A passion that runs through the entire production of the Calabrian master, as evidenced by the work presented here in 2004, in which the face of the actress is indissolubly linked to the name of Rotella, reported by a fragment of the poster of a personal artist, juxtaposed in the lower register of the collage, to sanction his visceral secular devotion for Marylin.

Mimmo Rotella

The work is part of a period of the last phase of the Calabrian master, studded with successes: in 2004, many personal exhibitions are organized, including the anthological “Mimmo Rotella 1949-2004”, “Mimmo Rotella. Vanity Fair “,”Mimmo Rotella. Artypo” and ” Mimmo Rotella. Le cirque”. Also in 2004 he was invited to several group shows, including “Hollywood to the Street: From the Poster to Graffiti” and “Autobiography of a gallery, Studio Marconi 1965/1992″, receiving an honorary degree from the Faculty of Architecture of the University of the “Mediterranea” Studies of Reggio Calabria and, in September, at the “61st Venice International Film Festival”, is the protagonist of the documentary “L’ora della lucertola”, directed by Mimmo Calopresti. Last but not least, in Autumn, within the events for “GeNova04 European Capital of Culture”, exposes to the collective “Arts & Architecture 1900/2000”, curated by Germano Celant.