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Duilio Cambellotti (Rome 1876 – 1960), Oxen of the Roman Campagna (1910)

Bas-relief in plaster 15 x 52 x 5 cm.

Bibliography: Cambellotti curated by Giuseppe Appella and Mario Quesada, catalog of the exhibition held in Matera (1991), page 47, figure 39.

Provenance: Osvaldo Pardo collection (Florence – Rome 1930/1940).

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Sketch of the large frieze, now lost, exhibited with the relief The Horses of the Pontine Marsh, in the hut that housed the Exhibition of schools for peasants of the Agro Romano at the International Exhibition of Rome in 1911.

Dated to 1910, the sketch has the typical Cambellottian frieze pattern and is comparable with the homonymous linoleum exhibited in the personal exhibition that the artist held at the Italian Modern Art workshop in Rome in 1921 (see, M. Quesada, D. Cambellotti -Catalogue of engravings, Rome 1982, n.19, table 11).