Project Description

Antonino Calcagnadoro ( Rieti 1876 – Rome 1935 ), Fishermen who pull the ropes on the seashore

Oil on canvas cm 45 x 81 signed, dated ( 1929 ) and situated ( Rome ) lower right.

On the quay, probably of the Pesaro coast, a large group of “funari” ( fishermen who pull the ropes ) is completely involved in the effort to pull toward them the nets lowered in the sea according to the ancient technique of trawling, fishing belonged to the maritime tradition and in use until the Thirties of the 20th century, when it will be replaced by the introduction of more functional fishing boat.
The bodies portrayed in the effort’s physical muscle tension are immortalized by the Rieti painter’s palette in an epic representation: they echo indeed the young naked men who drag with enthusiasm and effort a winged Nike towards the shore, theme of the painting with which Calcagnadoro wins first prize in the competition for the Cartel of the Italian Victory in 1919.