Project Description

Affiliati Peducci/Savini (Matteo Peducci, 1980/ Mattia Savini, 1982) Breakable

White Carrara marble cm h40 x 14 x 37,5.

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«The marble processing technique has allowed us to develop a mindset that has proved suitable for scientific investigation. Sculpture processing in the classical sense provides a rigorous method and the combination of this technique and the curiosity for creative processes has allowed us to develop new approaches and methods of research. We started from the investigation of the form to pass, at a later time, to an investigation aimed at exploring the inside of the material, its structure and its behavior. This has allowed us to formulate a new awareness: the exterior and interior of matter are two sides of the same coin; the form of matter is the aesthetics of its internal energy. From aesthetics to science, from form to nature. Every artistic project we create allows us to add an important piece, a permanent result of what was initially only an intuition». As Valentina Gregori noted, Affiliati Peducci/Savini are not simply two sculptors, they are above all a place, a former pink stone quarry where they live and work. In this place, sculpture becomes a science, continually shifting the point of view inherited from tradition. A journey backwards aimed at the renewal and upheaval of the given notions, reaching an effect of estrangement of the work of art: from aesthetics to science, from form to nature.

An approach to the sculptural practice that appears evident in the work presented here, a masterpiece of virtuosity in the use of raw material, white Carrara marble, worked to make the skin, its tactile potential, similar to that of cardboard, giving life to a box who rises to sublime trompe l’oeil, in an optical game made possible by the absolute mastery of the compositional means.

Matteo Peducci was born in Umbria in 1980 and Mattia Savini in Tuscany in 1982. The two sculptors know each other during their studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara; hence an indissoluble association based on common questions and the same visions of art. From 2007 to 2010 the important work in Thailand that sees the construction of three monuments: two for the park sculpture of Mahidol University and the other in honor of the Princess of Thailand. At the same time as working in Thailand, since 2008 the two artists have been involved in numerous international exhibitions and fairs such as the Kunst Zurich Art Fair and the Preview Berlin Art Fair. From 2013 they conduct research on electroplating developing the Electrosculpture method. Also in 2013 they moved their workshop from Carrara to Assisi where they began to lay the foundations for the construction of a real school, recovering all those techniques and methods that see them today as the holders of a lost knowledge. Research on geopolymerization processes and close cooperation with university institutes, which are still in force, date back to 2014. In 2017 the two artists, counted in the guide to the 222 young emerging artists on whom to invest, recently published by Exibart, give life to the artistic project entitled “Casimir Effect”: a new work on sculpture that is the interpreter of the scientific studies of Hendrik Casimir in matter of quantum energy.