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We buy and sell works by the painter Alberto Ferrero Vercelli 1883 - Roma 1963 ).

If you are interested in buying or selling painting, sculptures and artworks by this artist
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We look for paintings, drawings, watercolors, gouache and each kind of work on canvas or paper by this artist.

Ottocento Art Gallery selects the best works and paintings by Alberto Ferrero. We offer the opportunity to buy or sell. We provide non-binding estimates and free appraisals, prices, quotes and current value of the works by the artist. If you want to offer to sell, knowing the odds and the latest prices, or just some general information about the artist, please contact us immediately. We provide upon request updated valuations at current market values, whether for insurance purposes and for hereditary divisions. We guarantee for the operation, impartiality, professionalism and accuracy.


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